The amount of money Taylor Swift makes in just one day will make you do a double take

Taylor Swift works hard for her money. The singer is constantly touring around the world, and when she’s not doing that, she’s shooting super swoon-worthy music videos. When she’s not doing that, maybe she’s working with Keds to bring us adorable sneakers. And when she’s not doing that, she’s busy with one of her many other projects, like doing charity work or Taylurking her fans and making their dreams come true or baking delicious (we’ve never tried them, but don’t we all just know they’re delicious?) cookies. Whatever she’s doing, she’s worth every pretty penny that she makes because it takes a LOT to be a mega world-wide super star.

So, just how much money are we talking? Well, if you add up her ticket stubs, along with how many copies of 1989 she’s sold in the past year and with her product endorsements, she’s set to have a record breaking year. She just might come out on top of the highest earning chart, and the UK’s The Express has estimated that she’s already earned $317.8 MILLION for this year alone.

If you break that down day-by-day, it’s roughly $1 million A DAY. It’s actually more than $1 million a day, because today, October 20th, is day #293 for 2015. That’s a whole lot of money with still two full months to go.

Forbes is a little more cautious with their estimate, taking into account just how much money it takes for Swift to travel around the world on tour, and that factors into her annual gross. They believe she’ll make upwards of $100 million this year, but unless Swift invites us over to balance her checkbook and eat cookies, we won’t know for certain.

Whether it’s $300 million or $100 million, that’s still $100-$300 million more than is in all of our bank accounts combined. Let’s also not forget that for every dollar Swift earns, she gives back dollars, too. This year, she’s given back in so many ways, from donating to families in need to giving to super fans going through cancer treatment. She’s a big star with a huge bank account, but an even bigger heart.

In short: Swiftmas is going to be AWESOME this year.

(Image via Big Machine Records.)

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