Taylor Swift made a bonkers amount of money last year

It’s no shock that pop music powerhouse Taylor Swift tops the chart of celebrity earners with a whopping $73.5 million dollars in earned revenue in 2015. Let’s give it up to 2015 for being the year of the girl boss. 

Pick your jaw off the floor and stop rubbing your eyes. You read that number right. Taylor made almost 75 million dollars last year; the bulk of which came from her monster world tour for her album, 1989.

This really just underscores the theory that performing artists make their money from touring, and not so much from record sales. According to the Billboard Money list, Tay made $61.7 from touring alone.

Taylor is a pretty savvy businesswoman, as well, securing the publishing rights and royalties for Ryan Adams’ reimagining of 1989. false

The pop queen is in good company on the list, which reads like the coolest playlist ever. Kenny Chesney comes in a (distant) second, earning $39.8 million, and One Direction comes in fifth, raking in $24.2 million.

Leave it to Taylor Swift to break ground in yet another arena. Cheers to Tay for that hustle.

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