Taylor Swift gifted us a list of her new fave songs

Taylor Swift knows that even if we could, we probably shouldn’t listen to her entire discography on repeat at all hours of the day. We can never have too much Swift, but sometimes you’ve got to broaden your horizons, you know? Swift knows what we mean, and since she’s a mega star with an even bigger heart, she has released a list of all of her favorite songs right now by OTHER artists.

Posting to Instagram, Swift shared a hand-written list titled, “New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome (I Promise!).” It’s actually kinda shocking that in between touring the world, hanging out with all her besties, and playing with Meredith and Olivia, Swift has free time to create to a whole track list of other people’s music. But there she goes again, surprising us in the best way possible.

So what are the songs that on her dream mixtape that will make our lives more awesome  — and come with a 100% Swift Guarantee?

The list includes, but probably in no particular order: “No Words,” by Erik Hassle; “Mine,” by Phoebe Ryan; “Poetic,” by Seinabo Sey; “How I Want Ya,” Hudson Thames featuring Hailee Steinfeld (and Steinfeld’s name gets a heart next to it, because #squad); “New Obsession,” by Frankie; “Alive,” by Kehlani feat. Coucheron; “I’m Yours,” by Alessia Cara; “Sleep On It,” by Emmi; “Return to the Moon,” by El Vy; “Swords,” by M.I.A.; and “It’s Strange,” by Louis the Child and featuring K. Flay.

If Swift ever decides to stop being a global superstar, she certainly has a career ahead of her in making perfect mix tapes.

(Images via Instagram)


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