This is how much money Taylor Swift has made in one week streaming on Spotify

It’s definitely looking as though Taylor Swift’s decision to use streaming services for her music is paying off. If you didn’t already get the alert, the singer got back together with music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon. Naturally, everyone has been freaking out. Her five studio albums have been absent from such streaming platforms since 2014 when Swift made the boss choice to avoid streaming services she felt didn’t pay artists properly. Earlier this month she announced she’d be putting past issues aside in an effort to thank her fans for their support. Tay’s gesture got a whole heck of a lot of gratitude in return. About $400,000 worth.

In just the first week of their release, her songs were streamed 47.5 million times and generated nearly $400,000.

The singer announced her decision to share her music in “celebration” of the fact that her 1989 album had sold over 10 million worldwide and had also made the RIAA’s 100 million song certification milestone.

The whole thing is a reminder of just how much a change of heart is worth. Taylor initially withheld her 1989 album from Spotify for failing to fairly compensate the writers and creators of the songs the streaming service provided to its users.

Of course, we love that Taylor’s willing to fight the good fight for honest wages, and we hope she continues! But we’re also super happy to see that she’s shaking it off and sharing her music for our sake!

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