Taylor Swift just made this fan’s life after an airline basically ruined it

Here’s another title we can add to Taylor Swift’s ever-growing reputation: fairy godmother. Swift is always willing to lend a hand, no matter how big or small the situation, even even if it’s simply botched travel plans. This past weekend, she waved her magical red wand again, and helped out a die-hard Swiftie who missed a majority of her Hyde Park concert in London.

And listen, if there’s one Swift concert to leave you with intense FOMO, it was the Hyde Park concert. Swift pulled out all the stops — and brought out her squad — for the event, and I can only imagine what it would have been like in that crowd (probably life-changing). Well, Stephanie Be, a DJ from South Africa, saved up for years to see Swift, and was on her way to the concert in London. That’s when her travel plans went haywire. Her flight was delayed (twice), and she touched down at Heathrow Airport just as Swift took the stage, all the way across London.

Be made it to the concert…. just as it was ending. So no, this story doesn’t have a happy ending quiet yet. Taking her sadness out on Twitter, Be happened to catch Swift’s attention who offered her the next best thing: How about tickets to her concert in Dublin instead?

When Swift offers you tickets for her concert in Dublin, you get on a plane and go to Dublin, which is exactly what Be did. Taking a “leap of faith” her and her boyfriend struggled through even more airport woes, but eventually wound up in Dublin, where floor seats for them were waiting.

NOW, this story has a very happy ending. Taylor Swift, magical fairy godmother, making dreams come true every day that ends in Y.

(Image via Stephanie Be.)

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