We Can’t Tell the Difference Between This Taylor Swift Lookalike on TikTok and the Singer Herself

Are we sure this isn't actually Taylor?

If you’re blonde and own red lipstick and sunglasses, it’s easy enough to pull off a Taylor Swift lookalike moment, but this is next level. A new TikTok video that features a Swift lookalike is currently going viral as a fan re-creates each era of her music in just 60 seconds, and it’s easy to see how it’s already raked in more than four million views.

In the video, TikTok user @juliiieanne (who goes by Julie, according to her bio) shared just seconds of each Swift era with songs to match that flowed seamlessly into each other. Her hair, makeup, and outfits each reflected Swift’s tours and style at the time. There are long curls and a blue dress for her self-titled album, the famous marching band costume for “You Belong With Me” during the Fearless era…the list goes on and on, all the way to the curly bangs and plaid jacket from Evermore.

Julie looks so much like Swift in the video that of course several of the comments were all about the resemblance.

And if you’re looking at this and thinking “Whoa, this must have taken a long time,” you’re right. According to what Julie told In The Know, the process of making the video, which included making the costumes, editing the audio, and eventually filming and editing her footage, took a whopping total of four months to bring us the finished product we see here.

“I’m incredibly grateful that TikTok gave me the opportunity to have so much positivity come out of this,” Julie told the outlet. “I used to sing Taylor Swift songs in my room into a hairbrush in secret for years so it’s incredible to get to share something that makes me so happy with so many people.”

This also isn’t the first time Julie has shared a seriously impressive Swift-related video on the app. She’s mashed up songs (and costumes) in the past, like this one that ties “Champagne Problems,” “Getaway Car,” and “Out of the Woods” together flawlessly.

Most of us will probably never achieve this level of Swift lookalike greatness, but with this kind of content, Julie’s TikTok is definitely worth the follow.

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