Taylor Swift had a secret “Reputation” listening party for 100 hand-picked fans, and we’re seriously jealous

It’s a well-known fact that Taylor Swift is basically the best to her fans and genuinely seems to care about them. She’s given them gifts, helped them with their student loans, and shared plenty of personal advice. Now, we found out that Taylor Swift had a secret Reputation listening party for 100 hand-picked fans, and we’re seriously jealous. Can you even imagine?! Plus, the listening party was ~at her house~. Um, excuse us while we faint thinking about what it would have been like to be one of the chosen ones…

Reportedly, Swift chose the fans herself on Twitter, and then they came to her London home. NBD, right? Or the ~biggest deal ever.~ The party was held on Friday, the 13th — yup, 13 being Swift’s favorite number. We’re sure that was no coincidence. But the best part? The 100 fans got to hear Reputation songs before they’re out to the masses, since the album’s not due out for almost a month, November 10th. Yup — still jealous!

We imagine those lucky 100 Taylor Swift fans felt something a little like this.

Or this.

Or this.

According to tweets, the fans at the listening party were so touched/excited/in disbelief, it seemed hard for some of them to even type their tweets. And, TBH, we can’t blame them!

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And what about the album itself?


Side note: We also love the swag…

Hands down: Most. Amesome. Thing. Ever.

Teen Vogue reminded us that Swift has had fans over for listening parties before, like at her New York City apartment in 2014 to hear 1989. All we know is, not only do we love Swift’s music more and more, but also the way she treats her fans. Here’s hoping she’ll have more secret listening parties in the future, and maybe we’ll even make the guest list. A girl can hope…

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