Taylor Swift takes kangaroo selfie/has best vacation ever

Taylor Swift has been taking Australia by storm this past week, ever since she arrived for the seven-date leg of her 1989 World Tour, the entirety of which ends Dec. 12 (the day before her 26th birthday). Most notably, aside from her amazing performances of course, Swift has been uber-generous even by her standards.  She reached out to a fan who was losing her hearing to ensure she got to hear Swift live beforehand, performed her song “Mine” and dedicated it to a fan who’d recently passed away in a car accident, made her driver stop on the way to the airport so she could say hello to a fan she spotted wearing her tour shirt, and even took her whole crew on a well-deserved private vacation to Hamilton Island.

So we can’t help but be excited for Taylor when she gets to meet some of her own idols. Take, for instance, this kangaroo that she snapped a selfie with yesterday.

The little guy is even smiling, like he knows he’s meeting TSwift and is just as excited as we would be. Not all the kangaroos she met were as impressed, though. This one just wants to eat and has no interested in being petted by Swift. The caption for this pic reads, “Me: Please love me. Kangaroo: No.”

Even Taylor Swift can’t win the entire animal kingdom over, I guess. Maybe he smelled Olivia and Meredith on her and got a little suspicious about her intentions. And mealtime is important. We get it. But needless to say he probably won’t be joining the #Squad anytime soon.

Swift has been getting friendly with quite a few furry and feathery creatures in Australia, actually. Here she is with her mom and brother, cuddling a koala because when in Rome, etc. His name is Willy, and she and her family were able to hang with him courtesy of the Australian Wildlife Conservation Fund.

And of course this new buddy she met on Hamilton Island. Who, again, is smiling probably because he is getting some one-on-one time with this queen. Either that or her hair looks appetizing.

We’re so stoked Taylor Swift has been sharing these snapshots of her trip with us, and wish her a  great rest of her trip and a safe journey back to the states!

(Images via Instagram and Shutterstock)

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