Taylor Swift just did the weirdest crab walk while sneaking out of the gym and it’s amazing

Depending on the intensity of my workout, I typically leave the gym looking like a woman on the brink of death (and feeling like it too). Basically, I give zero effs about who sees me looking like a literal melting human. Unfortunately, that level of carelessness isn’t a luxury afforded to celebs, which explains this video of Taylor Swift walking sideways like a crab while leaving the gym recently.


Swift executed the sideways walk so smoothly that it looks like she’s probably been practicing this move in the studio. There were no missteps, trip-ups and she didn’t even have to look down at her feet to make sure she walked in a straight-sideways line. Maybe I’m just clumsy, but I feel like the T. Swift’s ability to pull off the perfect human crab walk is pretty impressive. It definitely deserved a spot on the official list of 25 things we didn’t know about Taylor Swift, somewhere between the fact that she’s double-jointed and hands out mace to her friends.

Anyway, Swift’s dodgy move comes a couple weeks after the Kim Kardashian shared that now-infamous Snapchat video of Swift and Kanye West discussing the “Famous” lyrics over the phone. Given the huge fallout from that incident, it makes sense that the “Shake it Off” singer wouldn’t necessarily be interested in making sure she gave her best angle to the paparazzi. But now that Swift is officially back on social media, we’re sure it’ll be no time before she’s back to posing for the paps, post-gym style.

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