Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn cuddled at an Ed Sheeran concert in a rare display of PDA, and yes, there’s video

In basically the cutest Monday news ever, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were spotted cuddling at an Ed Sheeran concert over the weekend, and yes, we’re melting.

Swift reportedly found her beaux in the crowd after performing at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London on Sunday night, December 10th. Her buddy Sheeran then began to perform his set, at which point Tay and Alwyn began to sway to the music while kissing. This was a rare moment of PDA for the usually private couple, and they didn’t even seem to mind that fans were taking pics.

For those new to the Swift-Alwyn scene, the couple went public with their romance this past May, but rumor has it they’d been secretly dating for months. There is also much speculation over whether or not several songs on Swift’s latest album, Reputation, are about her (relatively) new romance.

But back to those concert cuddles.

Here was a still of the couple in the sea of concert-goers. false

Here’s an (albeit grainy) video of them from afar.

And of course, fans who were there in person were absolutely losing it.



Alwyn also attended a concert with Swift in New York the previous Friday, where in which the pair was spotted coming and going holding hands.

While kissing and hand-holding isn’t exactly revelatory when it comes to relationships, we’re thrilled to see things still going strong with these two. Swift is one of our favorite singer-songwriters, and by gosh, she deserves to be happily in love!

Now excuse us while we go rewatch the above Insta vids. Happy Monday.

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