Taylor Swift lipsyncs Jimmy Eat World like a pro

You might think there’s a world of difference between Taylor Swift getting ready for a night out and your own primping routine, but this most recent Apple Music commercial proves that we might have more in common with the pop princess than we already knew. The minute-long video, tweeted out by the “Bad Blood” singer this morning, shows Taylor picking out music to get ready to and it’s a song we probably all remember.

“Oh my God I love this song,” she says, selecting “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World. “I used to listen to this in middle school.” She hits play, and what ensues is the best solo dance party we’ve ever seen.


Taylor applies her signature red lip while singing into her makeup and somehow manages to keep everything clean and perfect along the way.


It’s good to know us and Tay share some of the same dance moves, and that we’re all embarrassingly late for events because we’re pretending to sing up on stage. The only difference? Taylor has actual experience, which makes this video that much better.


Even cuter? Taylor and Jimmy Eat World have been fans of each other for some time. Back in 2011, they both performed “The Middle” on stage. So apparently she really is a fan!

And a few years later, Jimmy Eat World covered “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” for an iTunes session:

Looks like it’s Jimmy Eat World’s move. Maybe we can watch the band get ready to “Shake It Off”? Until then, check out Taylor’s moves below!

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