Taylor Swift inspired this song on Adele’s new album

We’ve always hoped that the pop powerhouses in the world, like Adele and Taylor Swift, would inspire each other in their music (and life!), but it’s even more amazing when we find out that it’s true. In an interview with NPR, Adele talks about all the thought and effort that went into making her newest album, 25, and she spoke about one song in particular, and how it was inspired by Swift.

Yes. Really. We’re fangirling, too.

“‘[I Knew You Were] Trouble’ came on the radio […] I was like, ‘Who did this?’” she explained. “I knew it was Taylor, and I’ve always loved her, but this is a totally other side — like, ‘I want to know who like brought that out in her.’ And [producer Ryan Tedder] said Max Martin.”

So Adele hunted him down, determined to replicate the amazing sound from Swift’s music in her own work. “[Martin] came to London, and I took my guitar along and was like, ‘I’ve got this riff,’ and then ‘Send My Love’ happened really quickly.”

If you think about it, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” is the most Taylor Swift-y song on that album. Part anger, part sass, all independent woman — it’s the T-Swift formula for a perfect break-up anthem. Combined with Adele’s amazing vocals and moving lyrics, you’ve got probably the most amazing combination in all of pop.

The only thing that might have a chance of topping Taylor’s-break-up-anthem-meets-Adele’s-vocals would be a legit collaboration between the two singers. Can you picture it? Me either. It’s like trying to picture what heaven looks like. It might almost (key word being almost) be too much for the world to handle.

Maybe, in a switcheroo, Adele will bring Taylor Swift on stage during one of her concerts. Seeing those two ladies perform together might be more than my fangirl heart can handle, but it certainly doesn’t mean I’m not up for the challenge. 

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