These two people almost joined Taylor Swift on her tour and if they had, her squad would be officially complete

Taylor Swift’s Squad of besties is constantly growing. Can you even remember a time when it was just her and Selena Gomez as a dynamic duo? Now, it’s not only the two of them, but 15 of their closest friends, and then 15 more on top of that, plus all the Haim sisters, and also Mariska Hargitay. It’s a BIG squad.

Taylor’s Squad is made up of her favorite people, who also happen to double as our favorite people. And now we’re getting word that two more Squad members almost made a surprise appearance at her concert, but couldn’t make it at the last second. It’s probably for the best. Besides, if suddenly Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart just strolled out on stage during “Style,” the world might never be able to recover from a perfect moment like that.

In a recent interview with Gay Star News, McKellen (aka Gandalf and Magneto) let it slip that he and Stewart (aka Jean-Luc Picard and Professor X) were invited to stop by Swift’s 1989 tour while in Los Angeles. But, the two didn’t go, since McKellen had “something else to do that night.” We’re not sure what could possibly be more important that strutting out on stage with Swift and her Squad, but we won’t argue with McKellen here.

As you’ll recall, McKellen and Stewart became honorary members of Swift’s Squad after they both declared their Swifty love. McKellen did a dramatic reading of “Bad Blood” and Stewart of “Blank Space.” They politely asked to join the Squad (they even said PLEASE!) and Swift, of course, said yes. She even mentioned that the two of them are ultimate squad goals, and we agree.

While the two didn’t take to the stage in LA, it doesn’t mean that they won’t appear somewhere else on Swift’s 1989 tour. She’s still got 26 more shows on her U.S. leg of the tour, until the party continues overseas. And hey, nothing says that McKellen and Stewart won’t hop on a plane and fly to Australia if it’s for official Squad duties.

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