Taylor Swift fans claim there are hidden messages in the source code for her website

Taylor Swift is doing some mysterious stuff right now. She wiped her entire social media presence and then uploaded a 10-second video of a snake. Her website is inactive now, but on Friday if you went to TaylorSwift.com it would just take you to a black page. Swift fans quickly searched the source code on her site and are convinced she’s hiding secret messages in it. 

Some extra sleuth-y fans searched the source code for her website are think she hid the lyrics, “that’s what they don’t see” among the HTML.


Others are simply honing in on the fact that the code is clearly labeled “I’ve got a blank space.”

However, “that’s what they don’t see” is a lyric from “Shake It Off,” and “I’ve got a blank space,” is from “Blank Space” — both songs off her 1989 album. If Swift is going to hide a message to fans in the coding for her website, wouldn’t it be new lyrics?

Even weirder still, Swift’s website is no longer black but completely inactive.


We are inclined to think those ~messages~ were purposeful because Swift LOVES hiding messages and clues for her fans. She shared this Instagram video of an elevator’s 18th-floor button in 2014, and August 18, 2014 became the day that the 1989 era began.

Back when she released the Red album, she hid notes in the album liner. For example, the hidden message in the liner for the song “22” is the names “Ashley, Dianna, Claire, Selena.” Those names refer to Swift’s friends at the time: Dianna Agron, Selena Gomez, and her non-celeb friends Ashley Avignone and Claire Kislinger.

We suppose we can ponder over these new clues OR just wait for the new music to drop. ??

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