Taylor Swift took her entire 1989 tour crew on a private island vacation, because Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known throughout the land for her most generous spirit. Just Google “Swiftmas” and you’ll see what we mean. So it comes as a surprise to basically no one that Swift went all out to thank her 1989 World Tour team for a job amazingly done.

And, of course, this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about, the straight-up queen of going above and beyond, so her thank you was never going to be,  you know, a quickly jotted-off note and a Starbucks gift card.

No, Swift took her entire 125-person tour crew to Hamilton, a private island off the coast of Australia (not to be confused with Hamilton the musical, although that would also be a SUPER cool gift to give 125 people).

So what kind of private island vacations WAS this anyway (because there are so many shapes and flavors of private island vacations)? Located in the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia (about 550 miles north of Brisbane, and about 300 miles south of Cairns), the island spans about 2 miles and is inhabited by about 1,300 people.

Oh, also, it looks like this:

We know. No, WE KNOW. Also, when Taylor Swift takes her crew on a private island vacation, she  really means the whole “private ” part. As the Sydney Morning Herald reported, when Australian press arrived on the island, they were blocked by Swift’s security, told there was a “complete media ban” on the island, and escorted back to the ferry. It seems clear that the only photos from the trip Swift wanted reaching the public were the ones she was posting herself on Insta.

Back to the vacay itself, even though Swift went with her whole tour squad, she was still down to make new pals, as evidenced below:

And, because she was in the geographical neighborhood*, Swift decided to hop over to South Island, New Zealand and do a road trip with her fam:

If Hamilton was all about the birds, then South Island was definitely about the bugs:

As Swift says in her initial Instagram about her island vacation, her birthday is in two weeks, whereupon her Royal Swiftness will be turning 26, and because the lead-up has been so intense (finishing a world tour, doing a 100+ person island vacation, and a family road trip in a foreign country to boot) Swift is planning on making this year’s actual birthday a quiet one.

Happy (almost) birthday Miss Swift, and way to end your tour with generosity, awesomeness, and style!

*Using neighborhood loosely here, South Island is about 2,000 miles away from Hamilton

(Images via Instagram and Shutterstock)

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