Taylor Swift felt the presence of ghosts while creating “Gorgeous”

As we get closer to the release of Taylor Swift’s Reputation, the singer is sharing and interacting more online. She was lurking around fan Tumblr accounts. Then, she started posting personal videos to her Instagram stories. And today, we got a look at a behind-the-scenes video of Taylor Swift, in which she feels the presence of ghosts — YES, GHOSTS — while creating her latest single, “Gorgeous.”

As part of the “Making of a Song” series, Taylor Swift let fans in on her intimate songwriting process.

We see her recite lyrics, practice chords on the guitar, and work through her material. Also, she interacts with ghosts by her window. Spooky! No, really. It is.


“Ghosts” she comments to the camera, eyes frozen in disbelief when something creepily moves behind her. It’s fun to speculate what exactly these ghosts are: The ghosts of relationships past? Of discarded lyrics?

The ghosts visit about four minutes into the AT&T video, but don’t pop in again.

Maybe they liked the verse she settled on? Either way, Taylor Swift’s reaction to these ghosts is pretty much the same as anyone else’s: Total shock.

Plus, it’s rare to see Swift so stripped-down! She’s rocking the low-key vibe that anyone who’s crammed for a final exam can relate to. It’s a refreshingly cozy look at the superstar.

Whoever these spirits are, and whatever their business is, it’s safe to say that Swift’s “Gorgeous” track is ghost-approved. But is allof Reputation ghost-friendly, or is it just this one hit? Time will tell.

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