Holiday gift ideas for those people you love who love Taylor Swift

While everyone’s out on Black Friday hunting for the perfect gift, we decided to stay inside, turn up 1989 and go online shopping for the Taylor Swift fans in our lives. Seriously, there are so many. We were also just a wee bit curious how many super random T-Swift-related products we could find, and we were not disappointed. After combing through every nook and cranny of Etsy, we identified some amazing holiday gift ideas for anyone who’s really, really into T-Swift. And yes, we might buy one or two of these things for ourselves.

Taylor Swift earrings
You put her music in your eyes, so why not put her on your ears, too?

This beautiful watercolor painting
A beautiful alternative to your typical posters that are frame-worthy and timeless.

Nail decals
These are kind of amazing.

These incredible prints and stickers
Bless Etsy and the brilliant artists who create beautiful merch like this.

A “no it’s becky” tee
The meme that keeps on giving.

This cute embroidery

Even Taylor has admitted to being a fan of embroidery so you can either buy this colorful piece to hang on your wall or learn to make one yourself featuring your favorite lyrics.

Pray to the goddess that is Taylor Swift with this candle
You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

This festive “Shake It Off” glitter banner
Way more fun than your standard Happy Holidays banner, amirite?

A paper airplane necklace because, well, just listen to “Out Of the Woods”
So we can all wear it and truly feel all of the feelings when she sings, “Two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying.”

This print of T-Swift that kind of feels all Warhol-y
Did I mention it’s less than $10? Yeah, art rules.

These incredible paintings of Taylor’s cats, Meredith and Olivia
Because these portraits are masterpieces waiting to be purchased by a superfan. (I can provide you with my address if you would like to purchase these for me, please and thank you.)

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