Taylor Swift has yet again proven she’s the most generous celeb by donating a ton of money to the Tennessee wildfire victims

Could there be more of an unstoppable duo than Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton? They are teaming up to help the victims of the Tennessee wildfires and now we are officially loving these two forever. Dolly Parton pledged, last month, to donate $1000 per month to displaced victims of the Smokey Mountain fires.

Now, Taylor Swift has decided to chip in, pledging $100, 000 dollars to help with relief for the thousands of people who were left homeless by the fires.

Swift is not originally from Tennessee. But she moved there with her family when she was 14, owns property all around the state, and officially considers Nashville her home.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Taylor’s donation matched what the Academy of Country Music donated. This combined $200,000 donation comes before the upcoming telethon, which will hopefully garner even more money for the cause.

The telethon will air on December 13th on the Great American Country channel at 8/7c PM. All proceeds from the telethon will go to the Dollywood Foundation and My People Fund.

Tiffany Moon, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Academy of Country Music, responded in a statement to ET.

Moon said, "We are so grateful to Taylor for her support to the Academy’s charitable efforts through the years, and for helping us and Dolly Parton assist families in need at a time of crisis."

This is not the first time Ms. Swift has donated to charitable causes, although she doesn’t like to publicize her efforts.

Dolly Parton told People magazine last year, “I think that little Taylor Swift has just done amazing. She knew exactly who she was, she had her dream, and she stuck with it. That’s what you gotta do. I’m just so proud of her.

We’ve never been more proud to call ourselves Swift fans.

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