There’s one song on Taylor Swift’s new album that already has Twitter up in arms

While we have to wait until Friday for the tunes, the full track list of Taylor Swift’s Reputation is here. And while there are many things to pour over and speculate about while we wait for the album to drop — THREE DAYS FOR MORE TAYLOR SWIFT, PEOPLE — the internet is already losing its mind over one track in particular.

The second track on Reputation is called “End Game” and it features Ed Sheeran and — wait for it — Future.

This is pretty much the most unexpected trio we’ve ever heard of? Sheeran makes sense, because he’s collaborated with T-Swift before. But we didn’t see the three together coming, like at all. At this point, we sort of trust Taylor to come through when it comes to collabs, because we were def surprised when we found out Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar were teaming up for the “Bad Blood” remix, but loved that. We’re excited for Taylor’s new album, and this Future collab. But we’re also like, a little wary of it, y’know?

Reservations aside, Future has collaborated with Miley Cyrus and Maroon 5 in the past, so Taylor Swift isn’t totally outside of his realm. And we definitely appreciate Taylor’s willingness and interest in pushing herself into new musical spaces.

The internet, however, is a liiiiittle divided about this track.

Some people are in the hard pass camp.

And obvs, some people are pretty stoked about this unusual team up. false false

Most people, though, are kind of where we are: WHAT DOES THIS EVEN SOUND LIKE? false

We’ll say we’re both confused AND so, so ready to hear the track, and leave it at that!

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