Taylor Swift’s first tweet after the whole Kimye drama is making us emotional

If you’ve been following Taylor Swift on Twitter, you already know that it’s been pretty darn quiet in those parts since she released her statement in response to Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat reveal. Whether it’s because Swift simply did not want to fuel the fire, or she just needed some personal time away from the buzz of social media remains to be seen, but it appears she is back in action and her latest tweet will definitely warm your heart. false

Let’s be real: Who isn’t in love with the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team? Not only are these girls seemingly unstoppable in the games, they come across as genuine, intelligent, and friendly young women who are an inspiration, whether or not you’re an athlete yourself.


Swift in particular has a lot of fun showing off her patriotic pride for the good old U.S.A, between her American flag cakes and her epic 4th of July parties. It definitely seems like there are few better ways to celebrate American independence than with America’s favorite sweetheart.

Maybe this time next summer she’ll be sharing pictures with actual Olympians at her summer festivities? Given the reaction of nearly all of the women on the team, it seems like they’re more than happy to become part of Swift’s squad.

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