Of Course Fans Found a Hidden Message in Taylor Swift’s New ‘Fearless’ Photo

It's *so* Taylor.

Taylor Swift is the gift that just keeps on giving. The pop star has really come into her own over the past few years, and part of her transformation into a total boss has been reclaiming her own discography. Today Swift released a re-recorded version of her 2008 hit song “Love Story,” complete with a sweet lyric video full of throwback pictures. It’s part of the re-release of her album Fearless, which (we’re pretty sure) is dropping April 9th.

But it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift project if there weren’t some Easter eggs and hidden messages, ya know? Not only did Swift hide the release date of Fearless in her message to fans on social media, but she shared what is presumably the new cover art for the album.

And fans very quickly noticed a very important message in what Swift is wearing: Romeo’s shirt.

“Love Story,” the first re-release from the new Fearless is the story of Romeo and Juliet on Swift’s terms, but while a 2008 Swift played the role of Juliet, 2021 Swift appears to be playing the role of Romeo and completely taking control of her life, her music, and her narrative. She’s in charge, and fans are absolutely going wild over this revelation.

We feel extremely confident that there will be so many more Easter eggs and hidden messages in what’s to come from Swift. After all, she has a ton of music to re-record and share with fans after losing her masters to Scooter Braun in an ugly argument in 2019. But rather than sit back and whine about how absolutely terribly she was treated, instead she’s doing things her own way and taking back what’s hers.

We love to see it!

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