Just another heartwarming example of Taylor Swift being so so good to her fans

When you picture a celebrity driving by in a car, what do you see? Personally, I imagine tinted windows or, at the very least, the person in the car wearing dark sunglasses with their head tilted down to avoid the stares and shouts of onlookers, while they mumble something along the lines of, “To the Taco Bell drive-thru, Jeeves, and stat. I’m craving some Doritos Locos and I don’t care who knows it.”

Well Taylor Swift took that image and turned it on its head, proving that when a celeb is driving by sometimes they’re just looking out the car window and taking the world in. That’s what Taylor was doing while on her way to an Australian airport when she spotted a young fan in a TSwift shirt. Tay didn’t just say “cool a fan!” she proved once again how thankful she is for the people who help her live her dream by literally making her driver pull over so she could greet the young girl.

The fan didn’t try and flag the car down, or yell to get her attention – TSwift just had her driver stop, she jumped out of the car, hugged the girl, and made sure her mom had time to get some photos. Wow.

Another day, another Taylor Swift random act of kindness. No wonder we love her so much.

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