Taylor Swift fans have a theory about what her next album might be called

When it comes to detective work, Taylor Swift fans are basically Sherlock Holmes. At the moment, Swift’s fans think her next album is called Eclipse, and their theory seems legit. Nothing has been confirmed regarding a new album — not even whether or not it’s happening. But Swift seems to be giving out all kinds of clues that an album is, in fact, on the way, and her fans are convinced that they’ve figured out what it’s called.

If you haven’t heard, a solar eclipse was visible across all of North America today. So the timing of an Eclipse album would be perfect and 100% something Swift would do. It’s possible she even had the sun blotted out specifically so her album could make a bigger impact.

That’s just how Swift rolls. Go big or go home!

Here are some of Swift’s undercover clues that she’ll be releasing an album soon: She deleted all of her social media accounts on August 18th (as if she’s blotting herself out like the moon blotted out the sun), her official website has been completely blacked out, and she’s scheduled to be a guest on Good Morning America on August 31st (which would only happen if she was promoting something).

And here’s a super in-depth and completely impressive theory about TS6 from Tumblr user tshifty:https://tshifty.tumblr.com/post/164442413892/my-ts6-theories-masterpost

It all makes so much sense, right?

Well, here’s one more thing. An executive at Swift’s record label tweeted and deleted a photo of a clock set to 2:50, which is the exact time the eclipse was visible in New York. And where does Swift live? New York.

Whether it’s a new album or something else entirely, Swift is definitely up to something, and we can’t wait to see what it is.

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