Taylor Swift fans are NOT okay with Kim Kardashian posting this throwback pic

Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not, if you’re a lot of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian fans. The two celebs have had a rocky history, in no small part due to Kardashian’s husband Kanye West (who could forget the infamous 2009 VMA fiasco?). And since then, their loyal fans have taken it upon themselves to scrutinize all Swift-Kardashian interactions in excruciatingly minute detail…for better or worse.

And the most recent fan battle is being waged over a throwback Instagram photo posted by Kardashian.

Let’s go back a second to August of 2016. Kanye West’s “Famous” exhibit is on display for two days, featuring the celebrity sculptures that appeared in the video of the same name. This includes the nude sculpture of one Taylor Swift. Fast forward to Monday, December 4th, when Kim Kardashian shared a throwback photo of the exhibit — and a certain unclothed Taylor Swift sculpture.


Swift fans saw this as a direct attack on their favorite singer-songwriter. Their solution? Flood Kardashian’s social media feeds with rat emojis.

Why the rat emoji, you may ask?

Well, after the drama over whether or not Taylor Swift approved of the lyrics about her in Kanye’s “Famous,” Kim Kardashian called her out on National Snake Day. Kardashian shared Snapchat footage that seemed to confirm that Swift had, in fact, heard the lyrics before they were released (always get receipts). Swift has since embraced the snake title, and has been using the imagery extensively in her promotion of “Reputation.”

But we’re not so sure Taylor needs any help in the clapback department. Shortly after Kardashian’s post, Swift posted to Instagram with some very pointed lyrics.

Is this another jab at the Kardashian-West faction? Did either star even intend anything by their posts, or are fans just reading into things too much? We’ll likely never know. But until then, we’ll keep on loving both ladies.