Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to this sick baby, proves she has the biggest heart

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars on the planet, and she’s got a HUGE heart to go along with it. Like, just hearing about the kind, selfless things Taylor does for her fans makes our hearts swell four or five sizes bigger. So, it’s no surprise that T-Swift once again has won us over with this incredibly amazing donation. What’s she up to this time? Oh, just donating a huge chunk of money to the nephew of one of her backup dancers.

Kim “Toshi” Davidson is one of the dancers on Swift’s 1989 tour, currently traveling all around the USA and the world. Davidson has a little nephew, Ayden (aka Lil Toshi), who’s just 13 months old, and was sadly recently diagnosed with cancer.

Davidson posted to his Instagram a snap of him and his little one, explaining that at 13-months old, they still weren’t sure of what kind of cancer, let alone where it had spread. Setting up a GoFundMe page, Davidson explained that Lil Toshi had been in the ICU for two weeks, and while the family was looking for donations, they were thrilled just to receive any kind of good vibes and prayers that came their way.

That’s when Swift stepped in with her gigantic heart, and completely covered the GoFundMe’s goal for $20,000 and then some. She donated a whopping $50,000 towards Lil Toshi’s treatment, posting publicly on the page and explained that everyone is “sending so much love your way.”

Needless to say, Davidson was completely floored by Swift’s generosity, and called her “an angel…[and] an incredible human being.”

We’ve got to agree with that statement. This is not the first time Swift has graciously donated to those in need — like, the firefighter who saved his family, and the fan whose cancer-fight-song is “Bad Blood” —  and it more than likely won’t be the last. Big star, big heart, big love to Swift, and so much love to baby Ayden.

(Image via Twitter, Instagram)

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