Taylor Swift’s whipped cream video is the cutest thing ever

It doesn’t matter if you’re a major celeb like Taylor Swift — dogs will try to steal your snacks just the same.

T-Swift just posted two adorable videos on Instagram of her mom’s dog, Kitty—who acts absolutely nothing like a cat. It doesn’t matter to Kitty that Taylor is a massively famous star — she’s still gonna invade her personal space to get some pats and hugs, as evidenced by Tay’s first vid:

It was then made clear exactly why Kitty was all up in her bubble — she noticed a sweet treat she really wanted. Taylor was squirting whipped cream in her own mouth (livin’ the dream), and Kitty *really* was interested in it. “It’s mine,” Taylor told the cute pup through a mouthful of whipped cream. “It’s already in my mouth.”

Now, that’s just mean, Taylor. Give that dog some whipped cream!

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