The internet is not happy with Taylor Swift’s tribute to Diana Ross at the 2017 AMAs

On November 10th, Taylor Swift’s latest album, Reputation, was released. And in that moment, fans everywhere began working to manifest a surprise performance from Taylor Swift at the 2017 American Music Awards. Though this exact wish was not granted, Swift did make an unexpected appearance — all in the name of honoring Diana Ross, who is the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Hey Diana, it's Taylor. I want to say congratulations," the artist stated in a video message. "I don't know anyone who hasn't been inspired by you. You're elegant, fierce, strong, and brave, and you have paved the way for everyone who does what we do now. Including me. So, thank you."

The singer’s thank-you clip:

Though this message may be coming from the New Taylor (right?), it’s important to note that Ross and Swift have previously come together at the AMAs. In 2014, Ross bestowed the first Dick Clark Award for Excellence upon Swift, praising the then-25-year-old singer. In turn, the young singer stated that she was “blown away to have just received an award from Diana Ross.” false

The internet, however, has a different opinion, as many feel that this could be a calculated move on Taylor’s part.

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Others are simply like…”But why?”

There are those who want receipts.

Several believe Taylor was too casual when honoring the superstar.

Giphy was clearly working overtime.


Whether you love or hate Taylor, odds are that we can all agree on one thing. Diana Ross has truly earned that Lifetime Achievement Award, and so much more.

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