Taylor Swift’s dad made the most dad joke ever

Ah, dads. Among their many responsibilities, they’re there to love you unconditionally, whether that means helping you take your first steps, sitting in the passenger seat ever so patiently when you drive your first block, or half-jokingly threatening your first significant other that they’ll do away with them if they don’t get you home safely, a la Mel Horowitz in Clueless.

They’re also really notorious for bad jokes, which is why “dad jokes” are a known thing. Dad jokes can come in many forms (puns are a popular one), but two things they all have in common are 1. They’re always eye-roll-worthy, and 2. No dad is immune from the dad joke.

That was proven spectacularly in a video Taylor Swift shared on Instagram earlier today, accompanied by the text, “My dad’s got jokes.” In it, Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, is sitting in traffic jam and listening to his daughter’s latest single. And…well, you gotta watch.

Swift has shared her love for her papa in the past, whom she is obviously super proud of and draws inspiration from. In 2015, she said, “My dad is so passionate about [his job, stock brokering], like in the way I’m passionate about music,” according to Business Insider. She has also shared lots of photos of her dad, including this one from this past December that she captioned, “Scott Swift decorating the tree.”

And this one she posted a little over a year ago, where she jokes about her dad being the newest member of her BFFs Haim.

We love that Scott Swift is an every-dad, but considering how relatable and funny his daughter is, we can’t say we’re surprised. More dad jokes from Scott Swift, please and thank you!

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