Taylor Swift’s nostalgic new Christmas song has us in our feelings more than Drake

We’re suckers for classic Christmas carols, so when a new song comes around, we’re skeptical that it will hold a candle to tried-and-true tunes like “Jingle Bells.” If anyone could our minds about this, of course, it would be Taylor Swift. The singer released a new Christmas song, “Christmas Tree Farm,” today, December 6th, along with an adorable video that has us yearning for the pure innocence and joy of a childhood Christmas morning.


Yes, the song is full of classic Christmas sounds and imagery, but this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about—at its core, it’s a love song.

“Christmas Tree Farm” is all bells, choruses of “ooo”s, and visions of holly, ribbon, and people bundled up in mittens dancing under sparkly lights. Tay’s lover makes her wish come true and transports her to a Christmas tree farm every time he holds her—how perfectly Taylor, Christmas-style.

We’re not gonna lie, we’ll be adding this song to our modern Christmas playlist right next to Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” and Kacey Musgraves’ “Glittery.”

Although we’re feeling all sparkly listening to the song, it’s the video that’s really got us in our feels.

Taylor gives us a glimpse into the Swift family Christmases over the years with home videos, starting in 1991 when she was just 2 years old.

And yes, baby Taylor is just as you’d expect: curly-haired, rosy-cheeked, and wide-eyed.

In the nostalgic video, a tiny, bundled-up Taylor sleds through banks of snow, sits on Santa’s lap, writes him her wishlist, and watches a toy train chug along under a lit-up Christmas tree. We even see Taylor unwrap her first guitar! The Swift family’s stockings hang on the mantle and the kids play in (a whole lot of) snow. It’s the quintessential picture of Christmas.


It seems Tay is poking fun at how picture-perfect all of her home videos look—but hey, she does stumble and fall down at the end, so now we know she’s always been a bit clumsy. Watch the full video below.

We’re off to listen to this song for the rest of the Christmas season until we can play “New Year’s Day” come January.

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