Taylor Swift’s Christmas Card This Year Includes Her Cats, Because, Of Course

This is how the world's coolest cat lady gets into the holiday spirit.

As 2020 was the unofficial Year of the Curveball, it’s comforting to encounter any hint of predictability. Like the fact that Taylor Swift’s Christmas card this year has her cats on it. We feel soothed just thinking about it. One lucky recipient of Swift’s feline-themed holiday wishes was Louisville public radio DJ Kyle Meredith, who graciously unveiled the card to the world via Twitter yesterday, December 8th, and it’s just as quirky as one would expect Swift’s cat-themed Christmas card to be.

“Getting a holiday card from @taylorswift13 is a great way to start the season. And cats in Santa hats make it even better,” Meredith wrote.

Indeed, the card does feature Swift’s three, beloved cats—that would be Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button, for the uninitiated—one of whom is wearing a jaunty Santa hat. Meanwhile, the second cat dons a cozy scarf, and the third looks oddly stoic in a festive party hat and a glass of bubbly.

Swift has no qualms with being a cat lady, and often posts selfies with her favorite four-legged friends. So, it’s definitely no surprise that, like a proud mom, Swift wanted to show off her fur babies on the annual Christmas card.

Meredith also snapped the inside of the card, which reads:“Wishing you a season of moments so wonderful, they become folklore. Love, Taylor Swift and everyone at 13 Management.”

Clock the cute reference to Swift’s latest album Folklore, which was somehow released in July of this year. (If you, too, feel like July was no less than seven years ago, you’re definitely not alone.)

After enduring a lengthy legal battle with former manager Scooter Braun over the rights to her masters this year, it’s really nice to see Swift engaging in some levity over the holiday season. And so begins the wait for other celebrity holiday cards to make the rounds on Twitter. (We’re specifically looking at you, Kardashian-Jenner clan.) 

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