The Taylor Swift channel is HERE and it is as epic as we hoped

What’s the best way to celebrate a birthday when you’re a superstar? By officially launching your own TV channel, of course. According to Variety, Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated channel on DirecTV and AT&T has just launched. And it is everything we hoped it would be and more.

The fact that the channel officially launched on the singer’s 27th birthday gives us even more reason to celebrate.

The channel is appropriately called “Taylor Swift Now.” It allows subscribers to the service to have access to all sorts of exclusive T.Swift content. From interviews to behind-the-scenes moments to concerts, true Swifties will fall in love with every moment.

The channel organizes its content into 13 chapters.

Each of the chapters focuses on some element of the badass diva that we totally adore. There’s footage of her favorite fan surprises, songs dedicated to her family, and all sorts of stories about how she got her start.

The channel even teases that you can see early Taylor footage, like the first time she went on tour and all sorts of pre-stardom moments.

While you can see teasers of the content online, you have to be a subscriber to see all the goodies. Though, that doesn’t mean you need to be in front of a TV screen to consume it all. The platform’s apps allow subscribers to stream from anywhere. So you still can get your Taylor fix even if you’re on-the-go.

“Taylor Swift Now” also promises to continue to add more fun footage every week, which is just awesome.

Even though it’s her birthday, Taylor proves yet again that she’s the most generous celeb ever by giving us a gift to celebrate.

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