Taylor Swift changed the way GoFundMe actually works for an awesome reason

In the latest case of celebrities doing good deeds would you believe us if we said Taylor Swift changed the way GoFundMe actually works?! According to the GoFundMe CEO, this story is not one of our wildest dreams. It’s actually reality!

According to the International Business Times, in the last two years, celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Kristen Bell and Jon Bon Jovi began donating large sums of money to causes of their choosing. The public just did not become aware of this until 2016.

“We’ve definitely seen a big increase in celebrities and influencers," GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon told International Business Times.


Celebrities are begining to use GoFundme more because they recognize that it is a popular crowdfunding site that their friends use.

“It’s become the platform that defines social fundraising and celebrities are following the same trends… They’re donating, they’re creating and sharing campaigns that really matter to them personally, Solomon told IBT.


So you may be wondering how Taylor Swift could have changed the way that GoFundMe works if many celebrities use the site. Well according to the interview, back in July 2015 Swift wanted to donate $50, 000 to an 11-year-old fan of hers that had leukemia. But back then GoFundMe’s site was only capable of accepting a donation of a maximum limit up to $5,000. This was because the site wasn’t used to such large donations.


“[Taylor Swift] came in and wanted to donate $50,000, and our system at the time wasn’t built for that, so she actually made multiple donations that totaled $50,000 and once she did that, we fixed the system and didn’t limit the amount of money that a donor could leave on the platform. She actually changed the way that we do business, said Solomon.

Not only does she produce the soundtracks to our dating lives, but she’s changing the way crowdsourcing sites work. You go Taylor Swift, you go!

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