All the times Taylor Swift was an amazing cat mom (Part II)

Taylor Swift makes a pretty darn amazing cat lady (and, just in case we need to clarify, that is high praise at HelloGiggles). It’s no secret we love her unabashed and overflowing affection for her two fur babies, Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson (Side note: Best. Names. Ever.). And even though we’ve waxed on about T-Swift’s wonderful cat-loving ways in the past, there’s just so much more we need to talk about, because we love her, and we love Meredith and Olivia, and T-Swift just does a lot of cute things with her cats, alright?! Here are just a few more reasons why we think Taylor makes such an awesome cat mom.

She hand carries her cat (for a great reason)

Because you’re a person that uses the Internet, you’ve probably seen this photo of T-Swift carrying Olivia Benson outside of her apartment building by now. It’s caused quite the kerfuffle — why isn’t Olivia in a carrier? Does she just really enjoy long walks draped over T-Swift’s arm? Does she practice that spot-on Blue Steel? Are cats this season’s hot new accessory? But as it turns out, the reason Taylor was carrying Olivia was way cuter.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

Her kitties get some amazing cameos (cameows?)

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