All the “Lover” Easter eggs you may have missed in Taylor Swift’s new commercial

We’re impatiently awaiting the August 23rd release of Lover, Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album. But the singer has given us a little teaser to hold us over in the meantime: She starred in a new Capital One commercial. And in true Taylor form, it’s chock-full of Easter eggs for Swifties to dissect and enjoy.

Swift is on hand to promote Capital One’s new Savor card. And she managed to sneak in a ton of super cool hidden messages as a nod to her fans. In the 30-second clip, the pop star acts as a bartender and a server at a diner, but she’s not particularly great at either job. Among the spilled cocktails and messy milkshakes, there are a ton of Easter eggs, which promptly pushed fans on social media into investigative mode.

First, check out the commercial, which is both hilarious and relatable in so many ways.

In the opening moments, we see someone choosing the first Lover single, “ME!” on the diner’s vintage jukebox. Then, in her full diner girl glory, Swift gives a couple their bill, and it’s full of Easter eggs. The total of the bill is $19.89, the year she was born and the title of her fifth studio album. There’s a charge for $13.13, because 13 is Tay’s favorite number. She signs the bill with the word “Lover” and draws a cat, which is both a nod to her upcoming role in Cats and a shoutout to her own beloved felines Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

There’s also the fact that the bill has “burgers and fries” on it, which Swifties think is a nod to Katy Perry’s cameo in the “You Need To Calm Down” video.

But it could also be a subtle hint at a collaboration between the two on Lover. Some even think that the multiple placements of the number four might hint at a duet between Perry and Swift being the fourth track on Lover. It’s entirely possible, given that “The Archer” is track 5, the spot reserved for some of Swift’s most emotional songs on each of her albums.

Need more proof? Capital One lets fans know that with the new card, they can enjoy 4% back on dining purchases. Could that be further proof that a Taylor/Katy collab could be track 4? If so, that’s truly next-level.

Then there’s the possible Easter egg that Sandy Jay’s, the name of the diner (which was established in 1989, of course) has a hidden meaning about her upcoming album.

When Swift takes on the role of bartender and fumbles making a cocktail, the credit card company reveals they can simply “shake it off,” a nod to Swift’s 2014 hit from 1989. As she makes her way back to the diner, Swift royally messes up a milkshake, spilling whipped cream everywhere. But when she gives the girls their bill, the total is again $19.89, with the card’s promos offering 4% to “see the real ME!,” bringing the Easter eggs past and present full circle in a matter of 30 seconds. Phew.

Back in May, Swift told Entertainment Weekly how much she enjoys giving her fans all these little clues. “I love that they like the cryptic hint-dropping. Because as long as they like it, I’ll keep doing it. It’s fun. It feels mischievous and playful,” she revealed.

Seems like we’ll have to wait until August 23rd to find out whether any of these theories come true. We can hardly wait.

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