Who is Taylor Swift’s “Call It What You Want” about? The internet pretty much knows it’s her boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift dropped her much-anticipated new single “Call It What You Want” tonight, and the internet is freaking out because it’s so obviously about British actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

“Call It What You Want” joins ballads “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It” and “Gorgeous” from the pop singer’s upcoming sixth studio album, Reputation — all of which ushering in an era of a new and improved Taylor, thank you very much.

In a soulful departure from “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Call It What You Want” is a somber reflection of the tumultuous drama and public scrutiny Swift has been dealing with in the past years, but listen: None of that is important anymore, as made apparent in the new song.

In the new lyric video, Swift croons:

All my flowers grew back as thorns Windows boarded up after the storm He built a fire just to keep me warm All the drama queens taking swings All the jokers dressing up as kings They fade to nothing when I look at him And I know I make the same mistakes every time Bridges burn, I never learn At least I did one thing right, I did one thing right

Fans on Twitter were quick to piece together who the song is about. false


Watch the lyric video for “Call It What You Want” below.


Brb, listening on repeat.

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