Here’s why Taylor Swift fans started a “Burger King is Over” Party on Twitter

Taylor Swift fans are as loyal as fans come. Swifties don’t let snide comments about their pop queen slide, and now, they have some beef with a new royal: Burger King. The fast food chain reportedly tweeted a sarcastic comment about Swift’s music, and Tay Stans are not shaking it off. Instead, Swifties are coming after Burger King with strongly-worded tweets of their own, and their utter devotion to the pop star is pretty impressive.

On May 28th, a Taylor Swift fan on Twitter asked Burger King what its favorite song by the singer is. The chain responded by writing, “the one about her ex” in a since-deleted tweet.

Even if the Burger King tweet was intended to be a sarcastic joke, Swift stans quickly jumped to the songwriter’s defense, even starting a hashtag, #BurgerKingIsOverParty”.

Swift has famously written about her love life, as most songwriters do. But the Lover singer has taken more heat for penning songs about her exes than most pop stars, and fans are done listening to complaints about her vulnerable lyrics.


According to the originator of the #BurgerKingIsOverParty, the hashtag was started as a joke. But regardless of the intent, the hashtag quickly started trending on Twitter. While many Swifties were furious at Burger King, the overall response on social media was divided. Some people called the chain’s tweet sexist, while others noted that there are more pressing matters happening in the world right now.

Burger King decided to diffuse the tension on Twitter with a reference to one of Swift’s hit songs, and used the opportunity to promote a new food deal—which is pretty smart, TBH.

Regardless of your stance on the matter, we have to admit, we’re craving a burger and fries now (from McDonald’s).

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