Taylor Swift brought back her iconic 2006 look, and it made us majorly reminisce

Even though Taylor Swift has been through her fair share of public rough patches this summer (you know, that whole Kayne West ordeal), she still seems to be having the best time ever. You go, girl!

It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s dating Tom Hiddleston, but you know, that’s neither here nor there.

Plus, to make matters even better, Swift went out over the weekend with some friends (sans Hiddleston, sadly) and she brought back a vintage T-Swift hairstyle we didn’t even realize we missed.

Her old-school, country-girl curls!

She obviously looked adorable, because duh, she’s Taylor Swift. But her adorableness doesn’t seem to compare to the amount of fun she had.

Swift spent Saturday night partying in the Hamptons with BFF Karlie Kloss and their friend Michael Hess. We’re not exactly sure who threw the party, or where it was, but it doesn’t even matter. Because so many good things happened.

Nelly performed his early 2000s track “Dilemma,” and Swift joined in like the rock star she is.

Not only did Swift nail it on the cover songs, she also took the time to pose with fans.

And based on this Instagram post, it looks like Heidi Klum was also at the party:

So was it the party of the summer? Basically. No, it’s cool. We were busy anyway.

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