Taylor Swift bought a copy of her new album at Target and documented the whole thing, as is tradition

It doesn’t matter how big of a name she is — Taylor Swift will buy her album at Target after every release.  Swift stopped at a Target in Nashville, Tennessee with a few backup dancers and managed to surprise a few fans along the way. Of course, she made sure to document the trip online — and seriously, we wish we could have been there.

Swift first announced the trip online, with a little help from her cat Olivia (who sadly wasn’t allowed to come with.) From there, she posted updates — from her grand arrival, to the moment she spotted her album, Reputation, in the music section.

It’s not like Swift needs any help with sales. In four days, Reputation already racked up one million sales. Billboard had reported that prior to its release, it had 400,000 preorders, which is pretty incredible. It only took six minutes for the album to reach the #1 spot on iTunes, and even caused the service to crash for some users.

So really, the reason Swift decided to show up — aside from tradition — was to make the day of a few lucky fans who happened to be there at the same time. From the videos posted, it looks like she made sure to spend a little time with everyone.

First, here was Swift’s announcement video.

After arrival, she said she was going to “pick up some magazines” while in the store.

Then, she found the stand which included a special edition of her album — and a few jokes about her camouflage ensemble followed.

While about to check out, a small crowd formed around Swift — and she was simply delightful.

We’re so glad she decided to share such a cool moment with us. We’ll be spinning Reputation a few more times while awaiting more information on other musical records that Swift has smashed with this release.

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