Taylor Swift and Blake Lively had an epic day off

Taylor Swift doesn’t get breaks from her crazy schedule often, but when she does, she does them right. The 25-year-old singer posted multiple photos on Instagram documenting her epic day spent with actress Blake Lively before Swift’s show the next day. Hint: kangaroos are involved.

That kind of makes sense, since Swift and Lively spent the day at an animal sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia. They took some incredible selfies—but not with each other.

Turns out, the newest trend is kangaroo selfies, and we’re totally here for it.

This kangaroo, however, wasn’t:

Someone should let him know that he’s in the presence of the queen of pop music, although something tells me he wouldn’t care about that either.

Of course, Swift and Lively couldn’t resist posting one snap together. In it, they’re jumping in the air in celebration of their awesome day together:

We’d jump for joy too if we spent the whole day petting animals. I guess I’m just saying that next time, we’d love to get an invite. #FOMO.

(Images via Instagram)