A look back at all of Taylor Swift’s epic birthday parties

We all know by now that Taylor Swift is deservedly famous for throwing amazing parties. From her ~legendary~ fourth of July bashes to the birthday parties she throws for friends, attending a T. Swift event is preeeeetty high up on our bucket list, that’s for sure. Taylor’s own birthday is always marked by dozens of friends sharing their love via social media (and man oh man does it warm the cockles of our hearts), and of course a party of her own. While we don’t know what that’s going to look like this year as she just turned twenty seven, we DO know that her birthday parties look just as epic and star-studded as you’d expect.

Just last year, instead of a party photo, Taylor shared a #tbt of herself as a kid, and it’s JUST SO CUTE. We’re not totally sure what the party looked like, but we’re sure it was epic.


In 2015, she was still with Calvin Harris, so he’s in the pics… along with Santa. Twenty-five definitely looks like a weird time, and we’re super into it.


2014 was maaaaybe her most legendary birthday party to date. Just a casual little shindig with, y’know, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Jay Z. No biggie.


In 2013, Taylor Swift was touring Australia during her birthday. She spend her twenty-third birthday down under as well, and celebrated with a Melbourne Garden Party, which is kinda too cute to stand.

And throwing back to T. Swift’s most ~iconic~ age (who knew that was even a thing), the first birthday bash we can find on the books for the songstress looks like a more casual but still super awesome affair.

Seriously, though. We’re dying to get into one of these parties. Happy birthday, Taylor — CALL US, K.

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