Taylor Swift’s bestie squad crashed her London concert

Last night, Taylor Swift performed at the British Summer Time concert in London’s Hyde Park with openers Ellie Goulding and John Newman. It seemed like a normal, average, absolutely incredible 1989 tour show: Taylor wore sparkles, she did some literal shaking during “Shake It Off,” and she danced on a giant rotating catwalk. But it wasn’t a normal, average, absolutely incredible 1989 tour show … Because Taylor had a huge surprise planned. A squad surprise.

The 65,000 audience members in attendance got the shock of their lives when Taylor’s beautiful famous lady friends started popping up out of the stage during the song “Style.” First, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid emerged from the under the stage before strutting down the catwalk to give Taylor a quick hug. Then goddess of tennis Serena Williams showed up, followed by Karlie Kloss and Martha Hunt. The crowd was going bonkers. To complete the League of Hotness, Cara Delevingne trotted onstage brandishing a humongous British flag.

Cara gleefully skipping is pretty much all of us gleefully skipping.

Together, the six stars walked the catwalk to meet up with Taylor (who somehow managed to sing the whole song without fangirling out – a true feat). If at some point last night, you sensed a slight disturbance in the universe, maybe what felt like a gentle earthquake, it was most likely the applause from Hyde Park. The UK probably hasn’t heard that much screaming since The Beatles were in town – and not one of those guys were super models, so you an only imagine how crazy this uproar was.

Apparently, Taylor’s set also included fireworks, acrobatic choreography, and six costume changes. Girlfriend certainly knows how to put on a show.

Ever gracious, the pop star took a moment to thank her fans for coming to see her, and she got pretty sentimental:

*Sob* Us, too, Tay. Us, too.

(Images via here and here.)