Taylor Swift says “Bad Blood” is not about who you thought, and that’s… a good thing?

When a new Taylor Swift song hits the airwaves, it’s customary to read into the lyrics, decode their meaning and try to deduce which person in Taylor’s life inspired the tune. But Taylor has always held her cards close to her chest when it comes to divulging the exact inspirations for her confessional tracks. Yes, her lyrics imply a lot of juicy things, but she never really confirms if fans’ theories and assumptions are correct.

Last year, the singer famously revealed to Rolling Stone that “Bad Blood” wasn’t written about a guy, but a female artist who committed an act “so horrible” their friendship ended. Fingers immediately pointed to Katy Perry, and though Taylor never confirmed nor denied the allegation, it became widely accepted that the bubbly pop singer was the subject of the song. But now, Taylor is insisting that isn’t the case.

“Listen to the song. It doesn’t point to any one person or any situation,” Taylor said to GQ. “It was important to show that losing friendships can be just as damaging to a person as losing a romantic relationship.”

Hmm. Well, if “Bad Blood” isn’t about KP, then who’s the mystery woman who had such a big falling out with Taylor? Only she will ever know the real truth. She remains adamantly mum on the subject, but offers a deeper explanation of the situation in her GQ interview.

Interesting, Taylor. Very interesting. While we’re still no closer to learning the truth behind the person who has bad blood with Taylor, we are happy that she’s trying to clear the air when it comes to the rumors and speculation the song has fueled. A lot of Taylor’s appeal as an artist is in her deeply-personal songwriting; she’s built brand on confessional tracks that let her fans feel close to her life while connecting her experiences to their own. But, the flip side of writing such personal songs is that, when the emotions expressed in them aren’t the most positive, it paves the way for some pretty hurtful rumors.

We love how raw and open Taylor is willing to be with her emotions and experiences in the name of art, but we’re also very glad to see her trying to put a halt to any new bad blood that negative rumors have the potential to cause.

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