Taylor Swift “couldn’t have asked for a better year” while we’re all living in Hell

In the grand scheme of 2017, most would say this has been a tough year (read: understatement). But after some hard reflecting, Taylor Swift has said she “couldn’t have asked for a better year.” Shocker.

While most of us have been fighting the everyday injustices brought about by a demonic and demoralizing White House administration, Taylor Swift released an album with a twist: pettiness! Does her album discuss the inherent racism that white people across the country have not taken responsibility for? No — but she does call out Kanye West, the man who writes entire albums devoted to race relations. Does Swift’s album address the sexual assault and harassment that women everywhere face? Not quite, but she does reveal that she and her boyfriend have a pet name for each other. (It’s “Baby!”) Cute!

Swift’s album, Reputation, blew up across the world and became a bestseller in its first week. Her world tour starts in May. With all of this in mind, the pop singer posted her most recent Instagram photo with the caption:

"I love you guys so much... I couldn't have asked for a better year."

Swift’s politics have always been a secret, but her silence is even more damaging now. She infamously posted a picture on Instagram showing that she was in line to vote on November 8th, 2016. It featured the caption: “Today is the day. Go out and VOTE,” and didn’t specify whom she was voting for.

The singer didn’t publicly endorse a candidate. During Trump’s campaign, she didn’t speak out against his reprehensible comments regarding Muslims, Mexicans, Black people, or women. This might not be because Swift doesn’t care, but it’s definitely because she sees the value in her silence for personal and professional gain.

So in an attempt to not polarize fans by speaking out against anything, Swift arguably continues to be the world’s biggest pop star. But is it worth it? Does the Queen of Silence feel any shame or guilt for keeping her voice out of any conversation that isn’t about her? That’s what her “better year” suggests.

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