Taylor Swift makes a HUGE announcement for one couple

Jesse and Lindsey Rasmussen from Louisville, KY were already pretty darn excited when they decided to announce their pregnancy with a sign at a Taylor Swift concert. But they were absolutely floored when the pop star volunteered to help them. Taylor posed in a photo with the couple, holding a sign that says, “Baby’s First Concert.” In the pic, Jesse and Lindsey stand with her, beyond happy, showing off new ultrasound pictures of their little nugget.

It’s ridiculously precious!

Jesse, a radio host for 102.3 The Max, spoke to E! News about how incredible it was to meet Taylor Swift. He said that when Taylor chatted with fans before her show, she didn’t just breeze through the room, but really connected with each visitor, giving them hugs and listening to what they had to say. Inspired by her warmth, Jesse couldn’t help but ask her to help with the pregnancy announcement.

Classic Taylor. Always changing fans’ lives, that one.

New #squadgoals, duh.
Turns out, having international superstar Taylor Swift help deliver your baby news can kind of distract friends and family. Jesse said it took folks a second to fully understand what the photo meant.


Jesse and Lindsey have been very public about how thankful they are to Taylor, but they were surprised to get a letter from the singer thanking them. Taylor expressed in her handwritten note(!) that she was “honored to be his/her first concert!” It’s awesome to see a celebrity go out of her way to be so gracious and kind. This entire situation could not get more adorable.

Unless the couple names the baby Taylor — works for a boy or a girl! Just sayin’…

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