Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid heard “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” on the radio for the first time, and filmed it (of course)

You probably figure that pop stars eventually stop caring about big milestone moments. After selling a ton of records and winning a few Grammys, moments that once seemed big probably pale in comparison. You’d be wrong, actually. Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid heard Swift’s latest track, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” while cruising in the car together. Their response? Shoot video, and act really giddy.

Seriously, we love it. We dig the fact that the two are hanging out together, and love that Swift still gets so genuinely excited over hearing her tunes on the radio.

We also find it incredible that they did exactly what we’d do in the moment — they lip-synched along.


The song, which also features Zayn Malik, is featured on the soundtrack for the film Fifty Shades Darker. Even though this was Swift’s first time hearing it on the radio, we’ve been jamming to it pretty much since it was released.

The official video for the song premiered last week, and fans of Malik and Swift were all over it. It was definitely pretty sensual. (Then again, given the film that it’s featured in, it pretty much had to be!)


But, back to the lip-synching video. The fact that Hadid already knows all the words proves that these two truly have a solid friendship.  (And, well — the fact that Malik and Hadid are currently dating definitely helps.) We didn’t even go into the fact that their actions happen to match up as well. It’s almost like they practiced their routine ahead of time.

We’d love if these two put out more videos together. And if Zayn Malik wants to join in on the next sing-along, we wouldn’t complain.