Some clever Taylor Swift fans might have discovered the theme of her new album

As summer continues to roll out, it’s beginning to feel like it’s been ages since Taylor Swift dropped a new album. Sure, she recently released all of her songs with streaming services to help us chill while we wait, but let’s be real, it’s starting to feel like we might start sprouting gray hairs before Taylor ever releases new music again. Earlier this year, news that her hiatus has been due to the fact that she has been in the studio hard at work gave us a beacon of hope. But still, it looks like we might have to wait as long as the holidays for her upcoming album to debut (thanks for the tip Ed Sheeran).

So, what’s a Tay fan to do when everything seems like it’s up in the air? You get on the internet and speculate, of course. While Tay’s been busy spinning ditties in the studio, fans have been desperately grasping for something more to hold onto by tossing around ideas of what her new album will be about. One fan’s latest theory has everyone like:

In a new tweet, one Taylor Swift fan has a theory that seems like it has potential.

According to the Twitter user, Tay’s latest batch of songs will likely be about the concept of ~TIME~. And there’s some pretty solid evidence to show they might not be wrong. false

There’s a tweet from Taylor’s label’s CEO about recycling “wasted time.” There’s Tay’s IG post about Haim’s single, and then there’s a giant clock that @POPULOVE claims is in her next music video.

Clues or just nonsense? To be fair, Taylor loves dropping hints, being cyptic, and hiding messages in the liner notes of her albums, so really, this could be possible.

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