One of Taylor Swift’s squad members just opened up about how she’s adjusting to single life

Even though she can turn heartbreak into catchy hit songs, nobody wants to see Taylor Swift down. And since her public split with Calvin Harris, everybody has been wondering how she’s holding up as a single gal. She hasn’t said anything publicly yet, though she did retweet Harris’ only comment on the issue: false

From the looks of it, she seems to be doing OK. But we now have official girl-squad confirmation that’s the case from Fifth Harmony’s Camila Ceballo. During an interview with E! News, Camila opened up about her friend Taylor, saying, “She’s good. She was just in Nashville.”

It’s a short answer, but a positive one: Taylor’s friends wouldn’t be close to her if they didn’t guard her privacy well. But it’s a relief to hear from one of her besties that she’s weathering the single storm. She’s obviously been keeping herself really busy with regular workouts and making people’s dreams come true by surprise serenading them at their wedding. All signs seem to show that the megastar is genuinely doing really well with the break-up.

While we totally respect that Taylor wants to stay private on such a personal issue, we have to admit that we’re looking forward to her next album. Not just because we can’t get enough Taylor Swift music (more, please, always), but also because we know that the album will probably contain at least one song that will really let us know how she feels about the end of her 15-month relationship. And that song will probably remind us about one of our own relationships and we’ll sing and dance along to it for hours until we feel like it’ll all be alright the way that only Taylor’s music can make us feel.

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