We’re in love with Taylor Swift’s dreamy, acoustic version of “Wildest Dreams”

You know how there are songs you love with your whole body and can’t think of a way to possibly love them more? Well, Swifties, Taylor just wrecked our delusions of max adoration on one of our favorite tracks, “Wildest Dreams.”

The fifth single off of Swift’s now multi-platinum album 1989, is a doomed love song, one that romanticizes a dark affair that clearly has an end in sight.

It’s a bittersweet and haunting tune, something the album edit emphasizes with orchestral motifs and soft vocal synthesizers. In their review, Axs called the song reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, thanks to its use of pitch changing and the extensive range of vocals.

However, we were not ready (and possibly not worthy) of Taylor’s live, acoustic version of “Wildest Dreams.” According to Slate, this new take on the song was performed back in September at the Clive Davis theater, in celebration of Taylor’s unbelievably popular exhibit at the Grammy Museum. And boy, was it beautiful.

Using only an electric guitar, the mix is stripped down, the dreamy aura pulled away, and what’s left is a ballad as raw as it is intense. Dare we say, we like this version even more.

Check out the awesome accoustic performance of “Wildest Dreams” below.

[Image via Youtube]

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