Taylor Swift’s 25 Things list is the most Taylor Swift-y compilation of facts ever

Us Weekly’s much-loved 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me lists are always fun to read. They’re funny, informative and allow us to get to know our favorite celebrities in new ways. So when Taylor Swift penned her list, we were ecstatic to see what new information we’d discover about the singer.

We know what you’re thinking: But I already know everything there is to know about Taylor Swift! And there definitely are some things on the list that we already knew, like her love for red lipstick and her favorite colors to wear in the fall (maroon, mustard, dark green and navy blue). But the list also proves that there’s always more to know. Even if you’re a diehard Taylor fan, we’re willing to bet that you pick up a few new facts after giving it a read.


Did you know that Taylor can’t watch Pocahontas without crying? Or that her elbows are double-jointed? How about that she originally imagined her hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble” as a slow power ballad? And here’s one of our favorites: In high school, she used to give her friends Mace to keep on their key chains for self-defense purposes. To be honest, that last one kinda doesn’t surprise us.


It’s easy to forget that Taylor is a person just like the rest of us. Yes, she’s totally super mega famous, but she still has a lot of the same behaviors that we do. Like muting the TV when a horror movie trailer comes on, or watching endless hours of HGTV.


The magazine created a highlight reel of the list’s greatest hits. It features her cute cats, some of her best outfits and plenty of video footage of her winning top prize at award shows. Check it out and read the full list! We guarantee you’ll learn something new about our girl Tay.

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