Taylor Swift shook off the Scooter Braun drama with a HUGE night at the AMAs

Wow, the Taylor Swift Music Awards last night, November 24th, were crazy. She danced, she sang, she won enough awards to bypass Michael Jackson as the artist with the most American Music Awards under their belt. Oh—wait, that’s right. Those were the American Music Awards. At times, the 2019 AMAs felt more like a big party for Swift. She won Artist of the Year, Favorite Music Video, Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Album, Favorite Contemporary Artist, and Artist of the Decade. So, excuse us for thinking it was just a big #TaylorSwiftRules bash.


And yeah, Scooter Braun. You could definitely say she stuck it to “The Man.” Ahem, ahem.

"The last year of my life has had some of the most amazing times and also some of the hardest things I've gone through in my life, and not a lot of them are things that haven't been public," Swift said during her acceptance speech for Artist of the Year. "This industry's really weird. Like, sometimes people who do what we do—you feel like your stock is either up or down, people either like you or they don't, or you're feeling bad about yourself.

Swift, who performed a medley of her biggest hits throughout her 15-year career last night, was almost held back from doing so due to her battle with her former record label Big Machine Label Group, which, along with her former manager Scooter Braun, retains the rights to all of her work pre-Lover.

"But the people that hang in there for you are the ones that you will never forget," Swift said of her fans, who stuck with her and continued to support her through her Scooter Braun/Big Machine drama.

Thanks to the public backlash against Braun and Big Machine’s refusal to let Swift play her songs, they backed off and let Swift do her thing at the AMAs. She did so while wearing a white shirt covered in her prior records’ names (while she sang a powerful line from her recent hit “The Man”).

Cheeky, Swift. Very cheeky.

We have never meant it more when we say, Swift absolutely got what she deserved. All the awards she picked up last night were awards she worked hard to receive. It’s been one heck of a Swift-filled decade, and we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for Swift and her Swifties.

No, Taylor. We love you.

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